2016 NAPLAN testing starts today

Tens of thousands of South Australian students will today start sitting their NAPLAN tests, with students undertaking tests in “Writing” and “Language Conventions”.

Tomorrow will see the “Reading” tests, with “Numeracy” to follow on Thursday.

The NAPLAN – or the “National Assessment Program – Literacy And Numeracy” provides nationally consistent tests to all students across Australia. It is a useful tool in helping identify students who may need extra support, as well as providing a timely check on how our school system is going as a whole.

Shadow Education Minister John Gardner this morning wished all students well as they take part in their NAPLAN tests.

“It’s important that students and parents don’t go into the NAPLAN tests stressing about how well they’re going to do,” Mr Gardner said.

“Students’ results aren’t going to directly impact their future opportunities as individuals, but the tests are a great opportunity for parents to engage in their child’s educational progress and identify how they’re going in the fundamentally important areas of literacy and numeracy.

“The NAPLAN is also a test for how our system is going overall.

“South Australia used to lead the nation in the 1990s and early 2000s, and we used to do extremely well on an international stage by OECD standards. There’s no reason we can’t do so again.

“We desperately need to see significant improvement on results from recent years, which have been well below the grade for far too long. Last year we remained below the national average in 18 out of 20 categories.

“It is my sincere hope that this year will be the one where we stop languishing at the bottom of the class compared to the other states.

“As Steven Marshall identifies in our 2036 document, our families deserve access to the best schools in the nation to build their capabilities and opportunities and to secure South Australia’s future.”