Adelaide Botanic High School - Question

The Hon. L.W.K. Bignell: Secret state.

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER: The media attended. They were welcome to be present at the school.

Mr Picton interjecting:

The SPEAKER: Order!

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER: Secret? It's a matter of reflection. But it's for students—

Ms Stinson: Since when do you open a school and not tell anyone about it?

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER: —and for the community at the school.

The SPEAKER: Member for Badcoe, please!

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER: Those opposite—

Members interjecting:

The SPEAKER: Order!

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER: —may or may not be familiar with this, but the school has actually been operating for—

Ms Stinson interjecting:

The SPEAKER: Member for Badcoe!

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER: —seven weeks—

The Hon. S.S. Marshall: In secret!

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER: —apparently in secret, and we have had several media opportunities where we have spoken to the media. The Leader of the Opposition was able to talk with families and the media at the school on the first day of school this year. It may be a mischaracterisation of the situation, but we assumed that the media event to open the school had been done enough.