Bettison’s gaffe on Youth Justice Bill

Minister for Youth Zoe Bettison made an embarrassing gaffe in Parliament yesterday, claiming that the Government's Youth Justice Administration Bill had been introduced in Parliament last year, when in fact it had not.

When questioned about the Bill by the State Liberals, Minister Bettison claimed:

"When government was prorogued in 2014, obviously this came off the Notice Paper."

After the State Liberals checked and found no record of the Bill being introduced or given notice of being introduced in 2014, Minister Bettison corrected the record in Parliament this morning.

"This is an embarrassing gaffe from Minister Bettison," said Shadow Minister for Justice John Gardner.

"There are serious matters that need to be addressed in the Youth Justice area, but the Minister's constant answer to any question has been that they will be dealt with in her new Youth Justice Bill.

"It is concerning that the Minister is not even across parliamentary legislation relevant to her portfolios.

"The Minister's gaffe yesterday highlights how little attention she is paying to this issue – it was clear that she didn't even know whether or not she had presented a Bill to the Parliament.

"Now that the Minister has been forced to give a personal explanation to clear up her mistake in Question Time, she should immediately release her draft Bill for proper consultation so we can deal with the substantive matters in youth justice properly."