Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 11:25 ): This is a very worthy bill that the member for Adelaide has brought forward. I appreciate the endeavour she has put in to identifying an issue that has been brought to her by a number of residents who have faced issues and that this is actually a solution to the problem that is entirely sensible. 

Of course we understand that Australia Post vans need the opportunity to pick up the mail and have exclusive use of the space in front of mailboxes, but they only need that for a period of time every day and for the rest of the day this is a space that could be available to relieve some of the congestion issues in our streets. 

The member for Adelaide has gone about her business in an assiduous, dutiful manner looking for a way to achieve a solution that is very sensible. I hope that the government will be looking at this issue in the coming two weeks, ahead of the next sitting. I also hope that we will have one of those beautiful moments in the parliament when the government will support an opposition private member's bill because they acknowledge that there is no sensible argument against it. I therefore support the bill. 

Debate adjourned on motion of Hon. T.R. Kenyon.