Bill: Stamp duties [Transfers Exemption] Amendment Bill (2nd Reading)

Adjourned debate on second reading. 

(Continued from 23 June 2016.) 

Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 10:59 ): I support this bill, ma'am. 

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: You support it? I am not sure that that is in order. 

Mr GARDNER: That was a speech, ma'am. That was my second reading speech. 

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: You are not in your place, so you can't. The member for Newland. 

Mr GARDNER: I am in my place. I am representing the leader right now. 

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member for Newland. 

The Hon. T.R. KENYON ( Newland ) ( 10:59 ): I move: 

That the debate be adjourned. 

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Mr Clerk said you are not in your place. We do not know who you are representing. 

Mr GARDNER: I am a frontbencher representing the leader, as is natural. 

The house divided on the motion: 





Bedford, F.E. 

Bettison, Z.L. 

Bignell, L.W.K. 

Brock, G.G. 

Caica, P. 

Close, S.E. 

Cook, N.F. 

Digance, A.F.C. 

Gee, J.P. 

Hildyard, K. 

Hughes, E.J. 

Kenyon, T.R. (teller) 

Key, S.W. 

Koutsantonis, A. 

Mullighan, S.C. 

Odenwalder, L.K. 

Piccolo, A. 

Picton, C.J. 

Rankine, J.M. 

Rau, J.R. 

Snelling, J.J. 

Vlahos, L.A. 

Wortley, D. 





Bell, T.S. 

Chapman, V.A. 

Duluk, S. 

Gardner, J.A.W. 

Griffiths, S.P. 

Knoll, S.K. 

McFetridge, D. 

Pederick, A.S. 

Pengilly, M.R. 

Pisoni, D.G. 

Redmond, I.M. 

Sanderson, R. 

Speirs, D. 

Tarzia, V.A. 

Treloar, P.A. (teller) 

van Holst Pellekaan, D.C. 

Whetstone, T.J. 

Williams, M.R. 

Wingard, C. 






Hamilton-Smith, M.L.J. 

Goldsworthy, R.M. 

Weatherill, J.W. 

Marshall, S.S. 





Motion thus carried; debate adjourned.