Campania Sports and Social Club

Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (12:54): Viva Campania, indeed. It gives me great pleasure to support the motion. I thank the member for Hartley for bringing it forward. I agree with everything that he said, as the member for Florey has said and, I imagine, the member for Light is probably going to try to say if there is any time.

The committee of the 40th anniversary of the Campania Club, led by Cavaliere Steve Maglieri, is doing a terrific job and I, like others, am looking forward to attending on 21 June to recognise the amazing contribution that this group has made over 40 years.

I particularly want to put on the record and pay tribute to the incredibly inspiring and visionary founders of the club who worked for many years to actually get the land, worked with councils, raised money in the community, and built the club. Over the years their legacy has been extraordinary. For the record, and to recognise in this house the founders of the club in 1975, they were: Cavaliere Giovanni Di Fede, Ezio Spina, Pomeo Ranaldo, Clemente Maione (a very good man indeed), Giovanni Di Matteo, Mario Mignone, Sabatino Ranaldo, Michele Luongo, Raffaele Barone (my friend), Feliciano Zirillo, Liberantonio Limongelli, Michele Carofano, Erminio Ranaldo, Antonio Rotolo and Nicola Minicozzi.

In acknowledging that group, I also pay tribute to the thousands of volunteers over the years who are the dozens, probably hundreds, of committee members. My very good friend Fedele Catalano takes me there for dinner about once every two or three months. It is a joy in my life that that happens. I can tell all members, and anyone who has not been to the Campania Club, that without a doubt the best pizzas in South Australia are served at the Campania Club. I know that I am offending the Campbelltown soccer club. I know that I am offending the member for Hartley's family at the Altavilla Irpina Sports and Social Club. I know that the good people at the Rostrevor Pizza Bar are upset with me right now. But the Campania Sports and Social Club is the best and there is no doubting it. It is a wonderful contribution that they make and I think that it is appropriate this house recognises their achievements over 40 years. I commend the motion to the house.