Consultation open to guide music education in South Australia

Consultation is underway to develop a strategy aimed at improving the delivery of public music education in early childhood services and schools across South Australia.

“The Marshall Government wants our schools to be the best in Australia, and we know that music provides many educational benefits, including improved literacy and numeracy and the development of cognitive and social skills,” said Minister for Education John Gardner.

“We invite South Australians to participate in this consultation process and help us develop a Music Education Strategy that enables children and young people across the state to benefit from music as part of their education.

“Extensive consultation seeks to identify priorities for the Music Education Strategy to improve how we teach and learn about music in this state.

“The consultation will identify opportunities for the government and industry experts to work together and identify higher education and career pathways for students to continue their quality music education beyond school.”

This consultation process will invite feedback from students, teachers, parents, and music industry experts. Consultation will occur online through surveys, a call for submissions, case studies, and through school visits.

Reviewing input from individuals and communities will provide a clearer picture of what is needed to make high quality music education accessible to children and young people across South Australia.

Surveys are available for all South Australians to participate in and can be accessed through the Department for Education website.