Distressing NAPLAN results

Today’s disappointing NAPLAN results reveal a decade of declining performance under the Weatherill Labor Government, according to the State Liberals.

“It’s hardly conceivable but on a number of measures South Australia’s results have gone backwards – even on last year’s poor results,” said Mr Gardner.

“These results make me angry.

“South Australia is last or second last in 16 out of 20 NAPLAN categories.

“This compares to ten years ago when we didn’t come last in any of the NAPLAN categories.

“Labor’s fifteen years of restructures, scandals and uncertainty, and their failure to focus on educational achievement, has left our education system at the back of the class once again.

“The Weatherill Labor Government has failed our children.”

2017 NAPLAN results show:

  • South Australia remains below the national average in all 20 categories
  • South Australia remains last or second last in more categories than any other state
  • South Australian Year 3 students come last out of all states in 4 out of 5 categories

“These results demonstrate that South Australian students urgently need the Marshall Liberal Team’s Literacy Guarantee: a package of measures designed to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for South Australian students,” said Mr Gardner.

Literacy Guarantee package includes the deployment of literacy coaches with expertise in dyslexia and other learning difficulties, and evidence based teaching practices (like phonics) to ensure that our teachers get the best possible support to upskill and get better outcomes.”

The Marshall Liberal Team’s Literacy Guarantee also includes:

  • Dyslexia workshops for parents across the State;
  • Literacy and numeracy programs for pre-school age children in disadvantaged areas;
  • New parental engagement resources;
  • Phonics checks for all Year One students across South Australia; and
  • Support for breakfast programs in every school that needs one.