The following table provides the allocation of grant program/funds for 2017-18 and across the forward estimates

Grant program/fund name Purpose of grant program/fund 2017-18 Estimated result $000 2018-19 Budget $000 2019-20 Estimate $000 2020-21 Estimate $000 2021-22 Estimate $000
Children & Students with Disability Program Grant Grants are provided to non-government organisations to assist in improving the educational opportunities, learning outcomes and personal development of children with disability. Top of Form$4,812 Bottom of Form $4,714 $4,832 $4,953 $5,077 Bottom of Form
Minister's Discretionary Grant Grants provide funding to assist organisations where the activities and objectives of those organisations are consistent with the responsibilities of the Minister's portfolio. Top of Form$2,710 Bottom of Form $2,680 $2,746 $2,815 $2,885 Bottom of Form
Multicultural Grants Grants are in support of innovative school based projects that provide opportunities for students to engage in and reflect upon linguistic and cultural diversity. Top of Form$1,944 Bottom of Form $1,989 $1,865 $1,912 $1,960 Bottom of Form


Refer to attachment for details of the commitment of grants in 2017-18.

Includes payments that have been classified as grants to external entities and excludes payments to government schools, subsidy payments, and payments for services. The department does not maintain a central grant management system so is unable to confirm within the timeframe details for all payments.