Fresh start continues for TAFE SA with new Board appointments

The State Government has today appointed Ms Jacqui McGill as chair of the TAFE SA Board, along with four new board directors, to revitalise the board, continue restoring the reputation of TAFE and ensure good governance of the public training provider.

The directors are Ms Joanne Denley, Ms Judith Curran, Dr Jennifer Cleary and Mr Andrew Marshall, who join Ms Jacqui McGill, Mr Sam Scammell and Mr Craig Fowler on the revitalised board.

These appointments follow the tabling in Parliament today of the TAFE SA Ministerial Charter 2018-19, which signals the Marshall Government’s expectations of TAFE SA.

“We undertook an exhaustive recruitment process for a new Board chair and new directors to ensure an outstanding group of people, with complementary skills sets that meet the needs of the organisation, will oversee a new era for TAFE in South Australia,” said Education Minister John Gardner.

“The new TAFE SA Board members are well-equipped with the relevant skills and experience to provide the good governance that is required.

“Jacqui McGill is a highly respected and accomplished executive with broad strategic and operational experience across a range of sectors, most notably with BHP and across 30 years in the mining and resources sector. She will be a great asset to the board in her new role as Chair.

“Ms Joanne Denley has been a TAFE SA board member for six years and has contributed greatly to quality improvements in the organisation. She has a great depth of knowledge of TAFE SA and the VET sector and her efforts, particularly over the past year, have been exemplary in supporting the recovery of TAFE SA.

“Ms Judith Curran has highly developed corporate governance skills and has led corporate change in large organisations. Her experience in the disability sector will be particularly important at a time when we are facing skills shortages in that area.

“Dr Jennifer Cleary has a background spanning regional, rural and remote research and development and the community services sector. She will provide a critical regional perspective to the Board’s work.

“Mr Andrew Marshall is the managing director of his own construction company and understands the importance of workforce development and the value of trade training to the small to medium sized business sector.

“The new board has the appropriate skills and expertise to transform the organisation to one that is focused on quality education and provides training that is responsive to industry to help grow South Australia’s economy.

“I would like to thank the senior public servants who, along with Ms Denley, have worked so hard as the interim Board over a number of months. Their good stewardship is reflected in the improvements already made in the TAFE organisation this year.

“Several of the interim board members will continue supporting the new Board until their terms expire on 31 December, and at that time the Government will reassess the skill sets and expertise of the Board and give consideration as to whether further appointees will benefit the organisation.

“Importantly, the development of the TAFE SA Ministerial Charter 2018-19 has now been concluded and will be tabled in Parliament today.

“This charter sets out the directions and functions of TAFE SA, including the delivery of quality government-funded VET services that meet the economic and social needs of South Australia, as well as the commercial and non-commercial activities of TAFE as a public corporation.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is committed to setting the strategic direction for TAFE SA to become an effective, sustainable public provider offering choice and high quality training, in line with the policy objectives set out in A Fresh Start for TAFE SA.”