Funding boost for music education in South Australia

The State Government is injecting $7 million into a new music education strategy aimed at strengthening and expanding the quality of music education across South Australian primary schools, preschools and early childhood services.

The strategy delivers a 10-year vision, focusing on the value of music education and the benefits to children.

$500,000 will be invested into a new Music Innovation Fund, which will be applied to education priorities ranging from new music equipment through to sponsoring innovative approaches to the delivery of music education.

Professional development placements will be made available each year for early years educators and generalist primary schools, so they can confidently integrate music into learning.

Other initiatives include a teaching package for all primary schools with tailored teaching and learning resources, and further development of education and career pathways for students.

To achieve this, music experts will be engaged to support schools to build and grow quality music programs and work with music education industries and non-government partners.

Australian music expert Dr Anita Collins, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s Vince Ciccarello and the Elder Conservatorium’s Prof Graeme Koehne have supported the Education Department to develop the strategy.

“There is now significant evidence that music education supports brain development in children and young people,” said Education Minister John Gardner.

“This strategy aims to provide many opportunities for children and young people across South Australia, particularly those who currently have limited access to specialist music education, to improve on literacy and language skills, build confidence and develop emotional and behavioural awareness.

“We want our students to have access to the best education system in the nation, and investment in excellent music education is critical to this endeavour.

“We are privileged to have had the close involvement of Prof Graeme Koehne, Dr Anita Collins and Vincent Ciccarello in developing this strategy and I thank them for their support.

“I am confident that in the years ahead this strategy will be enormously beneficial to South Australian students and to our state.”

The Music Education Strategy was informed by research and consultation with external music education partners and associations, with more than 800 surveys completed by parents, students and community members.

The strategy can be downloaded at