Glenunga High School growth bungle

News that students living inside the Glenunga School zone may not be able to attend the school as a result of overcrowding is an indictment on the Weatherill Government.

"Once again a failure to look ahead has seen this totally inept Government forced into a panicked response to a foreseeable issue," said Shadow Minister for Education John Gardner.

"The Labor Government has been encouraging urban infill for years yet they consistently fail to make suitable provisions for the local infrastructure needs of the affected communities.

"Now we're seeing schools overflowing as a result of this Labor Government failure.

"South Australian families have a reasonable expectation that students will be able to attend their local public school.

"The Weatherill Labor Government's years of mismanagement have put that basic expectation at risk.

"The Liberal Party recognised that overcrowding at schools in the central education zone was a problem ahead of the 2010 election and as a consequence went to that election proposing a second campus for Adelaide High School.

"At the time the Labor Government ridiculed the need for a second campus and although they have since backflipped on this issue, we have lost years of the benefits that the second campus would have provided through relieving pressure on the system.

"South Australian families deserve better than this from a tired and dysfunctional Labor Government."