Griffin, Hon K.T

Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 14:21 ): I note that other speakers have spoken at length about the incredible contribution that Trevor Griffin made to the legislative framework as Attorney-General. I want to spend a little bit more time talking about his incredible contribution to the Liberal Party over a number of decades, but I do note that Trevor Griffin would almost certainly hold the record as an Attorney-General who served the people South Australia in four decades: the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s and 2000s. With all due respect, I hope that that is a record that is not met any time soon.

The contribution that Trevor Griffin made to the Liberal Party was extraordinary and over a long period of time. In the 1970s, he was president of the party in what was a very challenging time, but what was the critical moment was that, when the Liberal Movement and the Liberal Country League reformed, he was there to help heal those wounds and made an extraordinary contribution, along with David Tonkin in particular, in binding together the party and putting them on a platform where David Tonkin was subsequently able to be elected premier of South Australia.

I know that when I was vice-president of the Young Liberal Movement and subsequently president, I organised the first four David Tonkin memorial dinners with Prue Tonkin. She was so happy to be sitting next to Trevor Griffin at the first David Tonkin memorial dinner, in recognition of his contribution to that government and the people of South Australia through that work, but also through their incredibly important connection in bringing together the modern Liberal Party of South Australia.

The respect with which Trevor Griffin was held by the Liberal Party membership in South Australia I think is clear through the fact that he was elected every year as trustee of the Liberal Party and was unopposed after his first election up until his passing. The other opportunity that the Liberal Party membership had every year to show the high regard that they had for Trevor Griffin is that the Liberal Party preselections are subject to an appeals tribunal, which is elected every year by our state council of five members elected. It is a tribunal that is invariably only people who are held in high regard across the party, who are trusted and considered to be legally responsible, fair, impartial, judicious and thoughtful. They are the sorts of people who are elected.

I have been involved in the Liberal Party for nearly 20 years, and I do not think there has been a year since Trevor's retirement from parliament where he has not either been the first or second person elected to that tribunal. The Liberal Party state council will terribly mourn his loss. With the respect in which he was held, he was someone who was held in very high regard in the party. I met him on a number of occasions, and I remember him to be a man of dignity, I think is the word that would most describe him. We will mourn his loss. We pass our condolences, very sincerely felt, to the family.