Hearing into TAFE SA should be in Adelaide not Sydney

Labor’s Senate Leader Penny Wong must use her authority to direct her colleagues to change the location of the Senate inquiry into TAFE SA from Sydney to Adelaide.

“South Australian TAFE students and their families will be disgusted to hear that the Labor Party has used its numbers in the Senate to force the inquiry into TAFE SA to hold the one and only hearing in Sydney,” said Shadow Minister for Education John Gardner.

“Senator Penny Wong has previously exercised her authority to relegate Senator Don Farrell below her on Labor’s Senate ticket. On this issue of substance she should direct her Labor colleagues to stop hiding from public and media scrutiny and bring the hearing to Adelaide.

“In the shadows of the March state election, it would be disgraceful for Federal Labor to be running a protection racket for Premier Weatherill and Minister Susan Close.

“While many TAFE students remain in limbo and TAFE itself works through the accreditation issues which created this mess, Minister Close and Labor should be putting the interests of students ahead of their own political interests.

“It’s not an onerous request for an open hearing into the mismanagement of TAFE SA to actually be held in SA. In fact, it’s a very reasonable expectation.

“Senator Wong, Minister Close and Labor should do the right thing by South Australian TAFE students and their families and ensure that the inquiry hearings are moved to Adelaide.

“Penny Wong, Jay Weatherill and Susan Close are factional allies, and if Ms Wong won’t act it will be clear that the Premier has asked for this hearing to be hidden in Sydney.”