Lazy Labor runs out of Government Business

The Weatherill Labor Government has today run out of Government Business in the House of Assembly at 3:50pm.

This follows news that State Parliament will only sit for 47 days next year.

"This is just another example of the laziness of the Weatherill Labor Government," said Manager of Opposition Business in the House of Assembly John Gardner.

"Parliament only sits for 40 days this year ā€“ I think South Australians would be very disappointed to learn that Parliament was cut short today because the Weatherill Labor Government ran out of business.

"Parliamentary sitting days are one of the few occasions where ministers are held to account in terms of the eyes of the community and the media.

"Premier Weatherill could have used Government Business to put forward ideas on how to fix South Australia's ailing economy.

"The Government says it's proroguing the Parliament at the end of the year in order to launch a significant new legislative agenda. Today's early rise shows that they're just pretending.

"If they are fair dinkum, they should introduce that legislation now, and we can start debating it right away for the benefit of the people of South Australia! Clearly the Parliament has some time on its hands over the next couple of weeks.

"It is clear that after 12 years in power, the Weatherill Labor Government has run out of ideas."