Leaders of Environmental Awareness and Protection

Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (15:26): I am very pleased to have the opportunity to talk about the St Ignatius Leaders of Environmental Awareness and Protection group. St Ignatius is a proud school in my electorate. I am very pleased to participate with all of my local schools and, as members who listen to the grieves would be aware, I am always pleased to talk about the Morialta Citizenship Award. I was at a St Ignatius careers expo last week and a former winner of the Morialta Citizenship Award from St Ignatius, Claudia Floreani, came up to me and wanted to talk about this and that and to learn about the career that members of this house have participated in. For the record, my advice to everybody who is interested in what to do to become a politician, I encourage them to go and get some other skills and then think about coming in here down the track. Relying on running for politics can be a cruel twist of ambition for many people.

Claudia was pleased to tell me about the group that she is working with, Leaders of Environmental Awareness and Protection, and I am very proud of this group of young people in my electorate who run a number of projects at their school. They look after part of Fifth Creek that runs through St Ignatius. This year the group is fundraising and raising awareness of the opportunities related to Pavegen tiles, which is one of the clean renewable energies available that we have in the modern world.

The group is aiming to raise $5,000 for the installation of Pavegen tiles at the school so that they can have an installation at the school so that when students step on the tiles it will power a light of some description in the corridor. The hope is that the installation will spark conversations about renewable energy in the local community and provide a way for students to interact with a fun, interesting source of renewable energy.

Seeking to raise the $5,000, they are running numerous fundraisers and events, for which I am pleased to offer some support, looking to raise awareness. As it is a worthy cause and one that I imagine a number of other members of parliament might have interested young people in their communities and in their schools, I thought it would be useful to bring to the house an awareness of what is happening at St Ignatius. I am sure a number of youth leadership groups, environmental groups and student councils around the schools where we all attend school councils might find it of interest.

I note that Pavegen's CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook came to Australia late last year, in October, to raise awareness of the work they are doing. It Is a concept that was invented in 2009, whilst researching kinetic off-grid energy solutions in environments where low carbon technologies, like solar and wind, are not practical. Pavegen tiles can be used indoors and outdoors and they work best in areas of high footfall, such as transport and retail hubs and, of course, schools, because they are stepped on, obviously. The technology is integrated discreetly into the existing environment underfoot.

Installations include Heathrow Airport, the West Ham tube station in London and Federation Square in Melbourne, to name a few. I congratulate the St Ignatius Leaders of Environmental Awareness and Protection (LEAP) on the work they are doing and thank them for bringing it to my attention.