Liberals introduce amendments to strengthen crime laws

The State Liberals have introduced amendments to strengthen the Weatherill Labor Government's Extended Supervision Orders (ESO) legislation in Parliament this week.

The Government has introduced a Bill to create Extended Supervision Orders, whereby certain offenders considered to be at a high risk of re-offending have supervision orders placed on them at the conclusion of their sentence.

ESO supervision is comparable to parole in many ways; however, while a breach in parole leads to an immediate return to prison, a breach of an ESO might see an offender remain in the community for months awaiting trial for that breach as the legislation currently stands.

The State Liberals are proposing that an offender who breaches his ESO be returned to prison pending the new trial for the offence of an ESO breach. This would be achieved by adding the offence of breaching an ESO to the list of offences in which there is a presumption against bail.

"The State Liberals support the Government's ESO legislation," said Shadow Minister for Correctional Services John Gardner.

"However, the purpose of the ESO is to improve community safety and these amendments strengthen the Government's legislation.

"Given that ESOs are to be restricted to the most dangerous of offenders - offenders whose crimes were so serious, and their lack of remorse and rehabilitation so profound, that this new level of post-sentence supervision is deemed necessary by the Supreme Court - then a breach of that supervision order is a very serious concern for the community.

"It should be taken just as seriously as if a regular parolee breaches their parole.

"I am hopeful that the Weatherill Labor Government will support the State Liberals' amendment, which will improve their bill and enhance community safety."