Liberals to strengthen Home Detention Bill

The State Liberals will introduce amendments to the Statutes Amendment (Home Detention) Bill 2015, scheduled for debate in Parliament today, to prevent home detention sentencing options being used for murderers, serious sex offenders and

Earlier this year, Attorney-General John Rau introduced legislation to provide greater flexibility in the use of home detention as a sentencing alternative.

However, as the Government's Bill currently stands, if a Court felt that a murderer, terrorist, or serious sex offender was a low risk for community safety, then home detention would be available as a sentencing option.

"The State Liberals believe that murderers, terrorists and rapists deserve jail time. They should not be eligible for home detention," said Shadow Minister for Justice and Correctional Services John Gardner.

"These offenders are specifically prohibited from being transferred to home detention if they are currently in prison ā€“ but despite this the Government's new Bill leaves the door open for a Court to choose home detention rather than jail.

"The State Liberals support making home detention arrangements more flexible, but this Bill goes too far.

"The community would be appalled if a criminal who has committed one of these heinous crimes was sentenced to home detention ā€“ the Liberal Party's amendments will stop that from happening.

"I urge the Weatherill Labor Government to support our amendments that will fix their flawed legislation."