Lobethal celebrates 175 years!

On the 4th of May 1842 a thanksgiving and dedication service was held where the new village was named “Lobe thal” meaning “Valley of Praise”. The town became Tweedvale for a time during World War One when anti-German sentiment arose. It reverted back to Lobethal in late 1935.

 In 1843 work began on a permanent church building. During the week, after work, the men of the town built the church which was completed in 1845. That Church was in use until 1992.

 In 1844, there were 50 acres of wheat, 10 acres of barley, 1 acre of maize, 10 acres of potatoes, 17 acres of gardens, 40 cattle, 2 ponies, 32 pigs and 11 goats. 

 The original school house was built in 1850.

 In 1851 a brewery was built on the site of where the Mill chimney now stands and it was this site which was to become the Onkaparinga Mill.  The Mill supplied uniforms to railway workers and the armed services and continued to supply blankets and uniforms to the armed services in the early 1900s.  Hit by economic difficulties, a major fire in 1989 saw the Mill finally close.

Over 175 years Lobethal has also seen significant economic activity as a result of gold mining, cricket bat production, and even motor sports!

This Sunday, 7 May, Lobethal residents and the broader community will participate in a range of activities to celebrate Lobethal’s 175 years, including a thanksgiving service at 10am at the Lutheran Church followed by a memorial dedication by the Governor at 11:45am, and a community lunch.  From 1-4:30pm a range of historical activities will also take place throughout the town.

For more information, check out the Lobethal 175 facebook page at www.facebook.com/Lobethal175