Marshall Government amends the law to protect children

The Marshall Liberal Government has delivered a significant improvement to the protection of children in South Australia with the passage of the Sentencing (Release on Licence) Amendment Bill.

“This critical change in the law means that individuals convicted of child sex offences will need to prove to the court that they are able and willing to control their sexual instincts before being released into the community,” said Acting Attorney General John Gardner.

“There is no justification for allowing individuals who have sexually assaulted children back into the community unless they can demonstrate that they are no longer a threat to children.

"The Marshall Government believes we must take every measure that we can to protect children from sexual abuse.

“Too often convicted paedophiles have re-offended after being released from jail.

“Too many lives have been ruined because these sexual predators have been given the benefit of the doubt by our legal system and re-offended after being released from prison.

“This legislation sets a new, higher and safer standard for the courts to apply to the release of child sex offenders from prison.

“Individuals who are a danger to children need to be incarcerated until that is no longer the case.”