Marshall releases 2036

‘2036’ lays the foundation for the policies that the State Liberal Team will develop over the next two years as we head towards the 2018 State election.

Through nine key policy areas, this manifesto is an important step in outlining the Liberal plan for a better future for South Australians.

“We have much to be proud of in South Australia however I think most would agree, things could be a lot better. Where we once led the nation, we now follow,” said Mr Marshall.

“’2036’ represents the values we will bring and the reforms we will implement to restore prosperity to South Australia and make our community a better place to live.

“My vision for South Australia in 2036 is a state where we can provide a better future for our children; where our economy encourages opportunity and rewards effort and risk, and where possibility is available to all, not just a few.

“However, the State Liberal Team’s vision for 2036 starts now.

“In the lead up to the State Election we will deliver a clear, consultative and responsible pathway to recovery and success.

“I want all South Australians to be involved, so please download a copy of the plan from and leave any feedback that you may have.

“With this plan, we will have more than just a bicentenary to celebrate in 2036.”