Ministerial Statement

drills throughout the year, so staff and students are familiar with how to respond in the event of an

Emergency procedures may include enacting an evacuation, a 'shelter in place' or lockdown
response. To ensure the safety of staff and students during yesterday's incident, a lockdown was
enacted. I have been informed that the principal of Renmark High School communicated with parents
at the earliest opportunity, after the safety of students was secured and the facts about the incident
had been established.

Given the incident occurred during the last lesson of the school day, various communication
channels were utilised to communicate with parents including SMS, Facebook and the school's
Daymap system. Today the department has provided Renmark High School and surrounding schools
access to counselling and wellbeing support for staff and students. Schools have extensive
interventions in place to support students' wellbeing and to manage bullying. The school will closely
examine the events that took place as part of its ongoing management of the matter. It is important
that we avoid speculating on the circumstances surrounding this incident and allow police to draw
conclusions based on their investigation.

This morning, the member for Chaffey, as the local MP, and I spoke to the principal at
Renmark High School to pass on our gratitude to him and his staff for the way they managed this
serious incident yesterday. They provided critical first aid to the injured student, and swiftly enacted
their emergency procedures to ensure the safety and welfare of all the students at the school. I
commend them for their professionalism, resilience and dedication to the safety and wellbeing of
their students.