Music is the Universal Language

The State Liberals today announced that if a Marshall Liberal Government is elected in March 2018 they will ensure that private music instructors are allowed to continue teaching students in public schools, and called on the Weatherill Labor Government to follow suit.

An Industrial Relations Commission ruling in August based on Weatherill Government policy will drive private music instructors out of public schools in 2017.

“Unless the Weatherill Government acts now, hundreds of private music instructors will no longer be able to tutor in public schools and thousands of students will miss out on the benefits of learning an instrument,” said Shadow Education Minister John Gardner.

“There simply aren’t enough teachers with the necessary skills to meet the demand for instrument instruction in South Australian schools yet the Weatherill Government is planning to deny public school students access to highly qualified private tutors.

“Learning an instrument is an excellent activity for any young person to undertake – it has been shown to improve broader academic results, reduce truancy, and increase participation levels amongst students who are otherwise unengaged in school.

“The Weatherill Government should fix this situation now, in time for the 2017 school year, but if they won’t then the Liberals will fix it if we form Government in March 2018.

“We believe that local schools be entitled to decide to allow families to engage private music instructors at their schools, and, if appropriate, run broader school programs involving private music instructors, and that’s what we’ll do.

“As we said in our 2036 document: we fundamentally trust our principals, teachers and families to make positive and practical choices for their students – and we will empower them to be able to act in the best interests of their school.”

Private Music Instructors are often engaged at school sites where the Instrumental Music Service is not able to offer the service that suits the needs of all or some of the children at that school. 

To become a private music instructor you must, at your own expense, obtain relevant history screening, a ‘responding to abuse and neglect – education and care certificate’, and identify whatever music and/or education qualifications are appropriate.