New Technical College to be established in South Australia

The new college will be heavily engaged with defence, shipbuilding and other maritime industries to maximise benefits for students and the industry.

The focus for the courses offered at the college may include:

  • Engineering (Mechanical and Fabrication)
  • Electronics
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Electro-technology (Electrical, Data Communications and A/C Refrigeration)
  • ICT incorporating Programming/Coding, Cyber Security and Virtual Reality
  • Automotive (Heavy and Light vehicle, Auto-electrical)

Location of the college will be a key consideration, particularly the need to be situated near a diverse range of business and industry sites.

The Government will be exploring options to use either an existing school, develop a new college site or use an existing non-school site.

Education Minister John Gardner said the establishment of the college would restore confidence in South Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

“The former Labor Government’s TAFE and Skills for All debacles have damaged the critical training sector and hurt the job prospects of young South Australians,” said Minister Gardner.

“Our state is on the cusp of a naval shipbuilding jobs boom and we must do everything we can to ensure these new, highly skilled, well paid jobs go to South Australians.

“The establishment of a new technical college is part of the Marshall Liberal Government’s commitment to boost skills training in our state and equip our young people with skill sets that align with industry needs.

“In a rapidly changing world, government investment in training must be connected to the needs for the broader economy to lead to real jobs and better investment outcomes.

“It has been predicted that by 2025, one in every seven workers in SA will be in a STEM related job.

“The Government is committed to supporting young South Australians to develop high level trade, STEM and entrepreneurial skills so they are well equipped for careers in defence, shipbuilding and maritime industries.

“These skills are a key ingredient in meeting the workforce needs of the defence industry and the growing use of technology and trade diversity in the workplace.

“Industry consultation has provided a strong indication that businesses are seeking young people who have the necessary entry level qualifications and are work ready.

“We anticipate strong interest in this project and look forward to receiving submissions from a diverse range of stakeholders on a national scale.”

An information session for interested parties is being held from 9:30am this morning, with a formal expression of interest process running for three months.