Welcome to my 33rd edition of Morialta Matters! News and views inside this edition include the government’s response to the review of last year’s bushfire season, information about our nation-leading single use plastics legislation, and updates on local projects.


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I often say that there is no better place to be in the world than South Australia. It has never been truer than this year, as we have confronted the coronavirus pandemic, and now live with world leading health outcomes, while also keeping our community and our economy more open than any other state.

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Morialta Matters Issue 31

At a recent public meeting in Woodside, Adelaide Hills Mayor, Jan-Claire Wisdom, said it well: ‘While we may have seen the worst of nature in recent events, we have seen the best of humanity’.

During our recent bushfires, which hit our Morialta area hard, CFS volunteers from around SA and far beyond put their lives on hold to support people they’d never met. A number of our local brigades, fresh from
exhausting work on the Cudlee Creek fires, then provided volunteers to help our fellow South Australians on Kangaroo Island.

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Morialta Matters Issue 30

For the more than 12,000 Morialta residents who live in the Campbelltown Council area, one of the biggest
complaints I have received over the last five years has been the inappropriate over-development allowed by the DPA pushed through by the former government

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Morialta Matters Issue 29

In the nine years since I was first elected, I have enjoyed the opportunity to share news and views through 29 issues of
Morialta Matters. I hope that you continue to find this a useful insight into some of the key issues that impact our area and our state, as well as an opportunity to celebrate some of the great work done in our local community.

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Morialta Matters Issue 28

The commemoration of Anzac Day has, in recent years, become perhaps the most important unifying day in our nation. The young, the old; new migrants and members of families that have given intergenerational service; locals and
visitors – wherever you are in Australia on 25 April, you can be assured there is an opportunity to gather as the sun rises to remember those who served.

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As I’ve been talking to people in the community over the last few months I have sensed a growing feeling of confidence in South Australia’s future. Business owners are talking about putting on more staff; more young people are talking about building their futures here, rather than moving interstate to follow career aspirations. We are working hard to create an environment conducive to employment growth and prosperity.

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The election seems like a distant memory as the new Government has been busy delivering our reform agenda. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their continued faith in me as their local MP.

For the first time in sixteen years we have a new Government. I can report that our Premier Steven Marshall is working extremely hard to ensure we deliver on our key election commitments of more jobs, lower costs and better services.

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Morialta Matters Issue 25 (Spring 2017)

Issue 25 of Morialta Matters explores the Cherry season kicking off in the Adelaide Hills and the challenges cherry farmers faced with recent weather events. I had the pleasure of being at the turning of the first sod for the long awaited new Montacute CFS station. Details of the State Liberals $20 million commitment to restoring services at the Modbury Hospital are included in the newsletter as well as the State Liberals 'Energy Solution' policy.

To download the twenty-fifth issue, please click here.

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Morialta Matters Issue 24 (WINTER 2017)

Discussion in the State Parliament since the last edition of Morialta Matters has been dominated by the State Budget, and in particular the Weatherill Government’s attempts to introduce a new State Bank Tax.

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