Grievance Debate: Australian Labor Party

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER (Morialta—Minister for Education) (15:19): I think the house has just seen another example in the first grieve, another example in question time today, as we have seen over the last week, of how this Australian Labor Party has failed to learn a single lesson from 17 March and the result. They have failed to pick up a single issue that is of day-to-day relevance to the people of South Australia and run with it in this parliament. All we get from them is abuse and minutiae, majoring in the minors and not even doing a very good job of that.

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Question: National Literacy and Numeracy Tests

Dr HARVEY (Newland) (14:46): My question is to the Minister for Education. Can the minister update the house on plans for the 2018 NAPLAN tests?

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER (Morialta—Minister for Education) (14:46): I thank the member for Newland for his question. I am pleased to advise that, yes, I can, and I am pleased to offer some information in that regard.

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Question: Commissioner for Aboriginal Children

Ms STINSON (Badcoe) (14:24): Thank you, Mr Speaker. My question is to the Minister for Child Protection. Why has the minister not appointed a commissioner for Aboriginal children since becoming the Minister for Child Protection?

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER (Morialta—Minister for Education) (14:24): I thank the member for the question. As the Minister for Education, the Aboriginal commissioner for children election commitment falls under my responsibility. We committed to having that process undertaken and underway within the first 100 days, and we will.

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Question: Public Education Awards

Mr DULUK (Waite) (15:14): My question is to the Minister for Education. Can the minister advise the house about the details of the 2018 Public Education Awards?

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER (Morialta—Minister for Education) (15:14): I am very pleased to advise that I can. I am sure members on both sides will be very interested in the 2018 Public Education Awards as significant, important awards as part of our education system. Last Tuesday, 1 May, I was very pleased to be in the member for Wright's electorate at the Surrey Downs R-7 School. Principal Russell Barwell was able to welcome me and the new 2018 Public Education Awards ambassador.

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Question: Schools, Random Drug Searches

Mr MALINAUSKAS (Croydon—Leader of the Opposition) (14:36): Supplementary: given that the minister is not going to instruct the police commissioner, how will he implement this policy?

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER (Morialta—Minister for Education) (14:36): I thank the leader for the question. The policy is as a broad scale. The Stop the Scourge in Schools policy falls under the education portfolio, so I am very pleased to be able to answer the question. The fact is that that meeting that the Minister for Police identified took place on 16 April. It was a very productive meeting. We sat down with the police commissioner, the head of the education department (as the Minister for Police identified), and a number of officers of both departments, and had a very important discussion, a very useful discussion, about the nature of how that policy will work rolling forward. A number of issues were clarified.

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Question: Building Better Schools Program

Dr CLOSE (Port Adelaide—Deputy Leader of the Opposition) (17:05): My question is to the Minister for Education. Will the Minister for Education rule out reallocating any of the $692 million in funding allocated to 91 public schools as part of Labor's Building Better Schools program?

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER (Morialta—Minister for Education) (17:06): I thank the former minister for her question. Yes.

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Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (20:01): I am also not the lead speaker. I rise to speak on the Constitution (One Vote One Value) Amendment Bill. The Leader of Government Business sends a note to the opposition of all the bills the government wishes to debate, and this bill did not appear in any form in any of the notes that his office sent the opposition over the past week. That is fine; the government can ignore that. It is possible the leader of the house himself was not kept in the loop.

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Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (15:22): I want to take this opportunity, as I have on many occasions over the last eight years, to pay tribute, just before Christmas, to the cherry growers in Morialta, in particular, and other primary producers. I will start by touching on the apple and pear industry, which is very important to Morialta, both in its current boundaries and particularly after the redistribution.

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Question: Late Estimate Replies

Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (15:03): My question is to the Minister for Education. Will the Minister for Education prior to the end of the parliamentary year, being tomorrow, bring answers to the 50 questions that she took on notice but has not yet answered?

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Grievance Debate: Statement of Principles for Education Funding

Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (15:13): This government over 15½ years has committed many atrocities upon the people of South Australia. They have put themselves before the people whom they claim to serve over and over, time and time again. In the last week, one of the most disgraceful examples of that has been put front and centre by the Minister for Education and by the Premier, who would take the extraordinary step of using children in South Australian schools as political pawns—as political hostages—in their game playing with the commonwealth.

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