Police restructure must not be hijacked by Labor's budget cuts

A planned restructure of SA Police, which has come under fire from the Police Association, must not be hijacked by the Weatherill Labor Government's Police budget cuts, according to the State Liberals.

"Any restructure of police must be focused on improving operational outcomes for better public safety, not on cost-cutting," said Shadow Police Minister John Gardner.

"It is troubling that the restructure comes at the same time that police hierarchy has given Parliament's Budget and Finance Committee new projected numbers of sworn officers, which show that the previously promised increase of 313 sworn officers will now not take place.

"Instead there will only be an increase of 54 over eight years - not even keeping pace with population growth despite two elections fought on the promise of 313 extra sworn police officers.

"Minister Piccolo can't duck responsibility on this issue. The Weatherill Labor Government has announced cuts to the Police budget of $80 million per year and the community has every right to be concerned.

"As usual, Labor promised the world before the election but now that they are in government they are failing to deliver. This isn't what people voted for."