Police station closures highlight Labor hypocrisy

The Weatherill Labor Government's decision to allow the closure of eight police stations around Adelaide reeks of hypocrisy.

Police Commissioner Gary Burns has announced the closure of eight satellite police stations at Malvern, Firle, Hallett Cove, Newton, North Adelaide, Blakeview, Pooraka and Tea Tree Gully. All stations will close on 30 June.

At the 2006 State Election, Labor promised in its policy document that it would deliver:

"...new police shopfronts in the Campbelltown, Munno Para and Hallett Cove areas. The Government understands the community desire for a high-level police presence as a crime deterrent, and it has an active program for building new police stations..."

At the 2014 State Election, Labor again bragged in its election material about the police stations that it had opened.

"The Labor Party promised that they would open police stations like Hallett Cove and Newton to win marginal seats at previous elections. They claimed credit for these new stations at subsequent elections, and they criticised previous Governments for police station closures," said Shadow Police Minister John Gardner.

"The Weatherill Labor Government and Minister Tony Piccolo cannot wash their hands of these police station closures by saying they are just operational decisions. They must take responsibility for these closures and explain to the people of South Australia why they said one thing before an election and another thing after.

"The Weatherill Labor Government's plan to close police stations was kept hidden from the South Australian people before the 2014 State Election.

"This is not what the people of South Australia voted for.

"Once again, the Weatherill Labor Government has demonstrated to South Australians that it can't be trusted."