Question: Late Estimate Replies

Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (15:03): My question is to the Minister for Education. Will the Minister for Education prior to the end of the parliamentary year, being tomorrow, bring answers to the 50 questions that she took on notice but has not yet answered?

The Hon. S.E. CLOSE (Port Adelaide—Minister for Education and Child Development, Minister for Higher Education and Skills) (15:04): I understand that—

Mr Knoll: You're going to have to find a different excuse to the previous answer.

The Hon. S.E. CLOSE: Well, I was indeed at estimates, so it was a very accurate question.

The SPEAKER: I think the previous excuse was a compelling one. Minister.

The Hon. A. Koutsantonis: And Corey thought so highly of you.

The SPEAKER: The Treasurer is warned.

The Hon. S.E. CLOSE: I have recently been going through some of the questions that—

Members interjecting:

The SPEAKER: The Treasurer is warned for the second and final time.

The Hon. S.E. CLOSE: —have not yet been responded to, most of which, if not all, have been answered in various other forms, including a series of FOIs that the member has put in, but I will be reviewing to see whether there are any outstanding questions that are required.