Question: Stand-Alone Child Protection Agency

Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 15:03 ): My question is to the Premier. When was the Premier advised of the interim recommendation by Commissioner Nyland to establish a stand-alone child protection agency? When did he decide to move Mr Harrison from education and when did he inform Mr Harrison of that decision?

The Hon. J.W. WEATHERILL ( CheltenhamPremier) (15:03): We have been in dialogue with the commissioner for some period over generally the question of the inquiry and structures. I think I met with Commissioner Nyland on 7 June and we had a general discussion about this matter, but we did not receive the interim recommendation until yesterday, 20 June, in draft form, with the suggestion that it would be published today. I have continued to have discussions with each of my chief executives on a regular basis about the question of succession and planning. So, I have been in regular dialogue with a range of chief executives, including Mr Harrison, over an extended period.