Question - TAFE SA

Now, the disarray in which the TAFE SA organisation was left by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition as the minister—in fact the Labor government that has been in power for the last 16 years—was rort for all to see in the Strategic Capability Review and, indeed, the Nous quality report, which were tabled in the parliament yesterday.

What did those reviewers say about the state in which TAFE was left for the people of South Australia by those opposite? The Strategic Capability Review described in particular in relation to the last four years: 'The last four years have been a lost opportunity for TAFE SA and for South Australia as a whole.' What the did Nous Group have to say about TAFE SA? It said, 'The organisation TAFE SA, in some respects at least, had lost sight of its fundamental reason for being.'

That is what has happened under the Labor Party in TAFE SA. We had the Skills for All blowout, we had the ASQA audit turmoil, and we saw traineeship and apprenticeship numbers in South Australia dramatically decline. We saw confidence in the quality of our training system in South Australia hit, damaged, bulldozed by a Labor government that did not care, that did not pay due attention to the significant responsibility that they had for oversight of the TAFE SA organisation.

I note that the shadow minister in the media today has said that the reports were damning about the leadership and the strategic governance of TAFE SA—'particularly damaging of the management who I sacked', she said, claiming credit for having sacked the people that they appointed to give oversight to this organisation. The one thing she claims credit for is sacking these people she appointed. Of course, when it comes to the problems of TAFE's management, leadership, governance and oversight, the CE fell on his sword, the chair of the board was removed by the Governor, but the minister at the time was kept in her position despite all of what had been done to TAFE SA in the past.

This government has stepped in. This government has come to power with a very clear understanding that TAFE SA must be the state's public provider of training synonymous for quality, for confidence, for serving its students well, for providing jobseekers—