SA set for entrepreneurial education boost

The specialist schools will teach students entrepreneurial skills and attitudes, with a strong emphasis on creativity, problem solving and collaboration.

The program will attract additional funding of $1.5m per annum for the four schools to develop dedicated entrepreneurial spaces, hire specialist staff and purchase forefront digital platforms and technology.

The funding will also help students to pilot business ventures such as start-up stalls, working with business and industry to replicate real-world experience.

The schools will be supported to develop mentoring relationships with successful entrepreneurs and businesses.

An information session for interested schools is being held on Tuesday 26 June, kicking off a formal expression of interest process that will see two metropolitan and two regional schools chosen later this year.

Education Minister John Gardner said the state needs more entrepreneurs to provide growth and jobs in our economy.

“The Liberal Government is committed to giving South Australian students the skills they need to start a business, innovate and contribute to our economy,” said Mr Gardner.

“Under the former Labor Government, we saw too many young people leaving South Australia for other states in search of opportunities.

“Turning this around requires a genuine entrepreneurial education curriculum that equips students with the skills they require to run a business or help an established company to innovate and grow.

“Our increased focus in this area will help give more students the ability and mindset to identify opportunities to create successful businesses.

“Our children and young people are our future business leaders and we must ensure they have the education, training and skills to turn their aspiration into reality right here in South Australia.”

The announcement comes as the SACE Board is undertaking a six week consultation around the design of its new Business Innovation subject.

Developed in consultation with the business community, the subject will allow students to engage in real life business problems and identify, design and test practical business solutions.

The subject, to be taught from 2019, will be the first of its kind in Australia.

“The new Business Innovation subject will help invigorate entrepreneurial education in our schools,” said Mr Gardner.

“This is about modernising our schools and equipping students for the challenges of the 21st century, where innovation and problem solving skills are at a premium.”

Consultation on the subject will finish on Friday 20 July and you can find out more at