Question: Emergency Accommodation from SA Water

Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 15:00 ): Supplementary, sir: in the Premier's answer, he referred to those residents who have emergency accommodation. Can the Premier confirm that residents who have been forced out of their homes will, in fact, be supported with emergency accommodation for the duration until their homes have been repaired?

The Hon. A. KOUTSANTONIS ( West TorrensTreasurer, Minister for Finance, Minister for State Development, Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy) (15:00): That's a reasonably fair request, and I'll make sure that SA Water get an answer to the house very, very quickly.

In reply to Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 8 March 2016 ). 

The Hon. S.E. CLOSE ( Port AdelaideMinister for Education and Child Development, Minister for Higher Education and Skills): 

Following mains failures in the north-e astern suburbs of Adelaide on 7 March 2016, one resident accepted SA Water's offer of temporary accommodation. 

SA Water will continue to work with affected customers to ensure they have appropriate temporary accommodation whilst their homes are being repaired.