School breakfast programs to be extended across SA

The State Liberals will commit $300,000 to make breakfast programs available to every school that needs one, as part of the Literacy Guarantee policy to be released today.

“Thousands of disadvantaged students across South Australia fail to meet their academic potential because they arrive at school hungry,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Hungry children are distracted in the classroom, which leads to poor educational outcomes and poor health outcomes. They can also present behavioural challenges for other students in their classrooms.

“Programs such as KickStart for Kids provide strong benefits for students’ educational outcomes as well as their health and wellbeing.

“The Literacy Guarantee policy recognises that students’ health and wellbeing is critical to their educational achievement, and learning to read and write is no different.”

KickStart for Kids run their programs in over 300 South Australian schools, providing approximately 40,000 breakfasts per week.

“If elected in March, we will work with the non-government sector and the existing child wellbeing resources within the Education Department, and provide sufficient funding to ensure every school that needs a breakfast program gets one,” said Mr Marshall.

“We will also ensure that specialist support is in place to help the most vulnerable children who need these programs most.”