School’s back – time to improve our performance

As school returns for the 2017 year, the State Liberals have called on the Weatherill Labor Government to ensure that South Australia’s schools improve their results.

“Recent years have unfortunately seen South Australia at the bottom of the class as measured by the standardised NAPLAN test,” said Shadow Minister for Education John Gardner.

“I hope that Minister Close has a New Year’s Resolution to do better.

“NAPLAN isn’t the be-all and end-all of student achievement, but it does give you a reasonable idea of how your school system is going compared to other states.

“Following the trend of recent years, 2016 saw us come either last or second-to-last in eighteen out of the twenty categories tested.

“Our students deserve nothing less than the best schools, and the best education available anywhere in Australia.

“Fifteen years of Labor has seen us shamefully trailing the nation, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

“The Liberal Party continues to argue for a range of policy initiatives that will improve school performance.

“To begin with Year 7 should be moved into a high school/middle school setting, where students can receive specialist subject teaching as the Australian curriculum is designed for. Right now we’re the only state in Australia to keep Year 7 in primary school.

“We have also announced plans to get tough on truancy, to increase local school autonomy, to allow flexibility for schools to run the music programs their families want, to introduce entrepreneurial schools and subjects, and we will continue to advocate for measures designed to deliver nothing less than the best schools in Australia.”