State childhood services setting the standard for the nation

South Australian early childhood education and care services are leading the nation, exceeding the expected standards set by the National Quality Standard (NQS) for providing high quality care and education to children.

Almost 80% of preschool services managed under the Education Department have been officially rated as ‘exceeding’ the NQS, compared to 59% nationally.

There are five ratings that a preschool site can receive, the highest being ‘excellent’. Bertram Hawker Kindergarten at Glen Osmond, Alberton Preschool, Darlington Children’s Centre and Mount Gambier Children’s Centre have all received the highest possible recognition.

Education Minister John Gardner commended the work of the state’s early childhood practitioners.

“The high number of sites with an ‘exceeding’ rating means families can have confidence that our sites are able to provide a quality service that is the best in the nation,” said Minister Gardner.

“Preschool is an important part of a child’s educational journey and successful transition into school.

“I commend our state’s early childhood practitioners on the exceptional and important work they do every day to ensure children get the best start in life.

“The Marshall Liberal Government will continue to work with our early childhood services to drive quality improvement and support a high standard for South Australian children and their families.”

Preschools are assessed on seven areas which include:

  • educational program and practice
  • children’s health and safety
  • physical environment
  • staffing arrangements
  • relationships with children
  • collaborative partnerships with families and communities; and
  • governance and leadership.

The full National Quality Framework Snapshot report can be found at