State Government launches five specialist entrepreneurial schools

Banksia Park International High School, Seaton High School, Heathfield High School, Murray Bridge High School and Mount Gambier High School will be the state’s first specialist entrepreneurial schools, delivering learning programs that will promote and encourage entrepreneurial mindsets in students.

The program will attract funding of more than $6.3 million over four years for the schools to develop dedicated entrepreneurial spaces and resources, hire specialist staff and support engagement with business and industry.

Opportunities will be created for students to take up specific entrepreneurial experiences, while the specialist schools will also identify pathways for young people and support effective career counselling processes.

Programs and resources at the schools will help students to pilot social and business ventures, and form mentoring relationships with successful entrepreneurs and businesses.

The schools will also lead South Australia’s inaugural Entrepreneurial Learning Strategy, helping all schools across the state to embed entrepreneurial learning within the school curriculum and culture.

Each of the five specialist schools will receive support to develop learning resources, facilities and professional development opportunities, which will be shared with other schools.

Education Minister John Gardner said that the five schools, as well as the new Entrepreneurial Learning Strategy, will play a key role in giving our students the education, training and skills to turn their aspirations into reality right here in South Australia.

“Our five entrepreneurial specialist schools will be beacons of enterprise and will help us to embed entrepreneurial thinking as a key component within our education system,” said Minister Gardner.

“We want to be the incubator for a new generation that sees entrepreneurialism not as something that a few people do, but as a way of working and thinking that everyone can utilise.

“Under the former Labor Government, we saw too many young people leaving South Australia for other states in search of opportunities.

“Turning this around requires a genuine entrepreneurial education curriculum that equips students with the skills they require to run a business or help an established company to innovate and grow.

“This is the first time that South Australia has had a dedicated Entrepreneurial Learning Strategy, which will use professional and curriculum resources to help develop an entrepreneurial mindset in our young people to help them succeed regardless of where their ambitions lie.

“Not only are we aiming to foster the next generation of innovators and job creators, we also want to help our students to be entrepreneurially minded citizens who can contribute to the growth, sustainability and diversification of South Australia’s economy in whatever field of endeavour they choose.

“I am pleased that, in delivering on another Marshall Liberal Government election commitment, we are not only meeting our promises but exceeding them thanks to the disciplined approach taken in this year’s Budget.”