TAFE SA Executives' $94,500 reward

The State Liberals are calling on the Minister for Education Susan Close to rule out further pay bonuses for TAFE SA executives who have overseen the unfolding accreditation fiasco.

It has been revealed in the Parliament’s Budget and Finance Committee that four TAFE SA executives received $94,500 in pay bonuses in 2015-16, with a further three executives eligible for pay bonuses.

Last week the Weatherill Government and Minister Close came under fire after it was revealed that TAFE SA had failed an ASQA accreditation in each of 16 courses audited - potentially affecting 2,500 current students.

It was also revealed that the TAFE CEO received a $48,000 bonus last year, on top of his $325,000 salary. Minister Close refused to rule out a similar bonus for the 2016-17 year – instead leaving the decision to the TAFE board.

“Students who have had their courses put at risk would be shocked to hear that TAFE SA executives have received $94,500 in bonuses, along with a $48,000 bonus to the CEO, while this accreditation fiasco continues to unfold,” said Shadow Minister for Education John Gardner.

“It beggars belief that while the future wellbeing of 2,500 students hangs in the balance, TAFE SA executives are being rewarded with almost $100,000 in bonuses.

“Minister Close must rule out any more pay bonuses for the chief executive and any other executives who may be responsible for this accreditation fiasco.

“Minister Close should also confirm if any executives have already been awarded bonuses for the 2016-17 period and, if so, how much they are.

“As the government provider TAFE SA should be the standard bearer for skills training in South Australia. Instead its reputation is being dragged through the mud while it struggles to secure accreditation for a host of courses.

“The people of South Australia deserve better than this lazy, tired Weatherill Government that continues to demonstrate that it can’t get the basics right.”