TAFE students deserve an iron clad guarantee

The State Liberals are demanding the Weatherill Government picks up any additional costs of students caught in the middle of the TAFE accreditation scandal following a scathing report from the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

"The students impacted by this scandal must be immediately reassured by Minister Close that at the very least they will face no additional costs as a result of the Weatherill Government's abject failure to manage TAFE SA," said Shadow Minister Education John Gardner.

"It is nothing short of disgraceful that some 800 TAFE students have been left in limbo because TAFE has been allowed to offer courses that failed to provide students full accreditation.

“Minister Close needs to explain exactly what she has been doing in the two months since ASQA first identified the 16 defective courses.

“The Minister needs to detail whether the affected students will be required to undertake additional tuition to achieve the qualifications they enrolled for.

“Minister Close needs to reveal what the total cost of rectifying this appalling failure will be.

"Minister Close has a great many questions about her handling of this scandal but in the first instance she must do the right thing by the students unfairly impacted and guarantee there will be no further financial impact upon them.

"One thing that won't be accepted from Minister Close is any attempt to distance herself and the Weatherill Government from responsibility for this latest scandal.

“The ASQA report found all 16 of the courses it assessed were deficient and resulted in 14 of the audited courses being suspended.

“There is the very real possibility that the problems identified in the 16 audited courses are endemic across the TAFE system and literally tens of thousands of students have been dudded by the Weatherill Government.”