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Auditor-General's Report

In committee.

(Continued from 14 November 2018.)

The CHAIR: We now proceed to the examination of the Auditor-General's 2017-18 report in relation to the Minister for Education. I remind members that the committee is in normal session. Any questions have to be asked by members on their feet and all questions must be directly referenced to the Auditor-General's 2017-18 report.

Dr CLOSE: For the benefit of the advisers, whom I welcome into the chamber, I can advise that I will be asking questions only from Report 5, and I will start on page 80. My first question under the Department for Education relates to the significant events and transactions dot points. The first refers to all STEM works being due for completion by the end of December this year. Are we on track to complete all of them by the end of December?

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