Taxpayers are forking out almost $240,000 for five empty police stations

South Australian taxpayers are forking out almost $240,000 for five empty police stations across the Adelaide metropolitan area.

The Newton, North Adelaide, Blakeview, Tea Tree Gully and Malvern police stations were closed by the Weatherill Labor Government on 1 July this year.

Freedom of Information documents obtained by the State Liberals have revealed that the cost of ending these leases early is almost $240,000.

"There are many ways that this $240,000 could have been better spent," said Shadow Police Minister John Gardner.

"This money could have provided a lot of support to domestic violence victims and programs or been used to fund more CCTV cameras.

"These stations could have at least been kept open until the leases ran out ā€“ the staff who were there have just been moved to the major local LSA stations instead.

"Let's not forget that some of these police stations were announced as election promises by the State Labor Government.

"South Australia has a mothballed desal plant, a hospital that will sit empty for months and now empty, deserted police stations that taxpayers are still paying for."