Teaching business skills in our schools

A Marshall Liberal Government will establish four Entrepreneurial Schools, two in Adelaide and two in regional South Australia, if elected at the 2018 State election.

“The State Liberals understand the importance of encouraging entrepreneurial skills in the next generation of young people with dreams of starting businesses, daring to innovate, and creating the industries of the future,” said Shadow Minister for Education John Gardner.

“This policy is critical if South Australia is to create a vibrant, sustainable and diverse economy that can provide the level of business opportunity and jobs growth needed for our State’s future prosperity.”

To implement the policy we will develop a suite of measures to give our secondary students the opportunity to acquire the skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs, including:

  • We will work with educational experts and business leaders, in liaison with the SACE Board, to develop new business and entrepreneurialism focussed SACE subjects.
  • These subjects will complement existing workplace related subjects but have a particular focus on enterprise and starting up and running businesses, and will be available to all schools that wish to introduce them.
  • We will create a specialist program, beginning with four high schools across South Australia which will be known as Entrepreneurial Schools – just as some schools are now specialist entry sports, or specialist-entry performing arts schools.
  • Two Entrepreneurial Schools will be based in the metropolitan area, and two in rural and regional areas.
  • The two rural and regional Entrepreneurial Schools will have a particular focus on engaging with primary industries.
  • Business leaders, entrepreneurs and other relevant community leaders will be engaged as role models and mentors.

“I am committed to seeing our young people given every opportunity to prosper – including those who want to start up their own business here in South Australia,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“We will ensure that our students get the chance to learn the skills they need not only to get a job, and a career, but also to create jobs.”