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About John

Like so many other residents in Morialta, I am the child of migrants.

My mother Veronica came from the UK in 1968 to spend a year working as a nurse at Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, but liked Australia too much to leave.

My father Tony came to Australia in 1946 at the age of 6.  After serving in the Royal Australian Navy, Dad started a water treatment business in Glynde. After retiring in 2007, Dad was awarded the Premier's medal for services to the South Australian water industry.

I have lived in the heart of Morialta for most of my life. Growing up, I enjoyed the fact that Morialta is home to some of the best parks and open spaces in South Australia and it always made sense to me that I would want to raise my family in this special part of Adelaide.


My family and I live in Athelstone, not far from where I grew up in Rostrevor.  I am driven by a desire to see our community and state thrive, so that when our kids grow up they will know they have every opportunity in life right here in South Australia.


I worked in the family water treatment business while studying in high school and university. Being in a small family business environment has ingrained in me the importance of honesty and hard work. My work in education policy, as well as drug and alcohol prevention and rehabilitation, prior to entering Parliament, has stood me in good stead to get outcomes for our area as a local MP, and for our State when serving as Education Minister.​

Since being elected to the Parliament in March 2010, I have worked hard to be an effective advocate for our area. I appreciate the strong sense of service and volunteering that exists in our local community, and I enjoy the opportunity to support it as a member, patron or sponsor of a wide range of local community, service and sporting clubs.

I have also held a range of Parliamentary responsibilities, including as Minister for Education from 2018-2022. Currently I serve as the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister for Education, Training and Skills and Shadow Minister for the Arts and Festivals, but my first priority will always be in my role as the local MP for my community in Morialta.


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