Estimates: Multicultural Affairs DCSI (2016)

Mr GARDNER: I will make a brief opening statement. The minister and I spend a great deal of time together at functions, and often identify that South Australia is possibly one of the world's greatest multicultural success stories. I think that is true, but it requires constant work and constant support. One of the reasons South Australia has been a multicultural success story for decades is the bipartisan nature of the engagement with multicultural communities and the support that those communities receive from all sides of the parliament. We all value the opportunities that having that multicultural community creates.

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Estimates: Science and Information Economy DSD (2016)

Mr GARDNER: This is an area of course where we wish the government every success in its endeavours as it works with South Australia's industry and scientists to try to get some good outcomes. It is one where traditionally partisanship has not tended to overrun the celebration we make at the successes of our scientific researchers and the ways in which government can assist them. That said, there are some issues.

The budget line in Budget Paper 4, Volume 4, pages 70 to 73, seems to be most of this part of the portfolio. Is this where we would deal with questions related to the commonwealth Mobile Black Spot Program?

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Estimates: Arts DSD (2016)

Mr GARDNER: I will go to questions. I refer to page 74 of Budget Paper 4, Volume 4. There are significant funds in grants and subsidies and intergovernment transfers, which is the bulk of this budget, which is through grants to the Museum, Art Gallery, Festival and so forth. Can we please have a list, either today or taken on notice, of the total grants for each of those bodies for 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17?

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Estimates: Education DECD (2016)

Mr GARDNER: I will go straight to questions. I refer to Budget Paper 4, Volume 2, page 12. The first statement goes to the departmental structure and identifies that on 21 June the government announced there will be a separate department for functions related to care and protection of children in response to Margaret Nyland's early findings. It states:

Due to the timing of this announcement, this agency statement is not reflective of the new structure.

These budget papers reflect the old structure and not necessarily what is going to happen over the coming 12 months, but there is this budget line here, so I want to ask a couple of questions about it. Are any aspects of the department, apart from program 3 (care and protection), being removed from that department, and are all aspects of program 3 being removed?

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Bill: Appropriation Bill 2016 (Grievances)

Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 16:17 ): I wish to take the opportunity today to talk about an intersection in my electorate and the opportunities for improving that intersection that my community would like to see implemented. The intersection in question is the corner of Reid Avenue and St Bernards Road, which is pretty much right out the front of the Morialta electorate office so, not wanting to just take my own personal interests into account here, I also have previously brought to the parliament a petition signed by hundreds of local residents and, more recently, conducted a survey of the surrounding suburb of Rostrevor. 

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Bill: Appropriation Bill 2016 (2nd Reading)

Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 12:11 ): The Appropriation Bill is the bill we are debating and the opposition will support the appropriation of money. This is the bill that enables our public servants to continue to be paid once the money appropriated in the Supply Bill, which we debated in May and June, runs out. The money from the Appropriation Bill will flow for the rest of the year and, of course, we will support it. 

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Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 15:35 :14 ): Prior to the luncheon interval, I was making some comments on the budget; regrettably, the time allocated was all too soon brought to an end. I wish to conclude some of those remarks.

An honourable member interjecting:

Mr GARDNER: Indeed. I was unfortunately distracted early on in my speech by some extraordinarily unusual comments and behaviour by a member of the government benches and ran out of time. Fortunately, we have this brief time now to resume. I will conclude the comments that I was going to make. At the time, I was quoting from a letter from the Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion to a constituent of mine.

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Question: Child Protection Screening

Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 15:13 ): My question is to the Minister for Education and Child Development. Can the minister advise the house whether parents are required to apply for a police check in order to coach a sporting team at a public school?

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Motion: Ms. Jo Cox MP

Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 17:58 ): Again, as earlier, I am very sad to be rising on a motion such as this. I certainly echo the comments just made by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, and I will come back to those in a moment. Today, we are as a house expressing our deep sorrow at the senseless death of Jo Cox MP and expressing our condolences to her family and constituency and recognising her service. Indeed, the second part of the motion is very important: 

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Motion: LGBTIQ Community

Mr GARDNER ( Morialta ) ( 17:12 ): It is with resignation and sadness that I rise to talk on this motion. We, as a house, and I think each of the members in it on behalf of our communities, share in expressing our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the recent horrific mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, and, the second part of the motion, that we stand together with the LGBTIQ community around the world to condemn such a senseless act of violence, and denounce all forms of discrimination that may contribute to such hatred. 

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