Estimates: Department of Premier and Cabinet (Social Impact Bonds)

Ms CHAPMAN: Can you explain how the social impact bond is going to work? Who pays into it and what do they get?

The Hon. J.W. WEATHERILL: They are essentially philanthropic investors who are prepared to accept potentially lower rates of return in return for also getting some collateral social purpose.


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Estimates: Electoral Commission (State Election)

Mr GARDNER: I have a question in relation to Budget Paper 4, Volume 2, page 49, under Highlights—and we might refer to this one a couple of times, potentially—regarding the conduct of the 2004 state election.

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Asylum Seekers

Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (15:20): My question is to the Minister for Police. Can the minister advise the house what is being doneto find the group of young asylum seekers who are reported to have fled their homes in northern Adelaide this week?

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Campania Sports and Social Club

Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (12:54): Viva Campania, indeed. It gives me great pleasure to support the motion. I thank the member for Hartley for bringing it forward. I agree with everything that he said, as the member for Florey has said and, I imagine, the member for Light is probably going to try to say if there is any time.

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