Morialta Matters - Issue 19 (September 2015)

Issue 19 of Morialta Matters there is a strong focus on the local community.  St Ignatius College's recent win in a National Aerobics Competition and plans for a Campbelltown Community Garden are discussed. There are also details on how to detect whether an offer is a scam.  Also included is details of my support for the Zahra Foundation (combatting domestic violence) in walking the 12km leg of the City-to-Bay and details of two local events I have organised - one for managing advanced care directives - wills and estates and the other being the third annual Community Quiz Night raising money for the Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service.

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State Election Campaign

Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (15:13): Today is the last day before the winter break and it is shaping as a very cold winter for a number of people on the steps of this house, amongst other things, and for some within it. It is also a day on which the Electoral Commissioner has had her report on the 2014 election tabled.

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Estimates: South Australia Police (2015)

The CHAIR: Member for Morialta, do you have an opening statement?

Mr GARDNER: Just very briefly I add my congratulations again to the new commissioner, Mr Stevens, and the new deputy commissioner. Going to questions, Budget Paper 4, Volume 3, page 113, 'Workforce summary': by what date will the government reach its 'recruit 300' promise?

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Estimates: Department for Correctional Services (2015)

Mr GARDNER: —at activity indicators. All of the performance and activity indicators identify an estimated result for the end of the 2013-14 financial year. As we are now past 30 June, can you please provide us with the figures for 30 June for those eight indicators, and if you take it on notice then I will not blame you.

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Estimates: Electoral Commission of South Australia (2015)

Mr GARDNER: No, only to welcome the commissioner to what I assume will be her final estimates, and I hope that it is a joyful experience for her. My first question while we are on the Electoral Commissioner—and, welcome again—refers to Budget Paper 4, Volume 2, page 48. The Administered Items identify two full-time equivalent employees, one of whom is, of course, the commissioner. What is the time frame for the appointment of the new commissioner?

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Freedom of Information (Offences) Amendment Bill

Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (11:16): The Freedom of Information (Offences) Amendment Bill will require stricter controls to be placed on the way that freedom of information applications are treated by government offices. As a member of the opposition, it is critically important because we believe that, where possible, information must be freely available to the people of South Australia.

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Morialta Matters - Issue 18 (Winter 2015)

In Issue 18 of Morialta Matters I discuss a number of local issues and provide facts and figures for the 2015-16 State Budget.  I've listed my contributions in the Parliament and included details of some of the local events including the Centenary of the Morialta Conservation Park.

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Criminal Law (Extended Supervision Orders) Bill

Mr GARDNER: Yes, it is. It is my understanding that this is probably the only chance I will have to speak on this again before we send it back to the Legislative Council for their consequential consideration of—

The CHAIR: And you are going to take that opportunity?

Mr GARDNER: I am doing so right now—or, I was.

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Public Works Committee: New Henley Beach Police Station

Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (11:32): I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak on the Public Works Committee report on the Henley Beach Police Station. I know that, in due course, some of my colleagues will no doubt have some interesting words to say about the matter. Obviously any new infrastructure in the police portfolio is of significant interest to me as the shadow police minister. In a year when the Labor Party has shut down eight police stations, it is nice to see that they are at least trying to open one up, given the rhetoric that we have had to deal with at every election campaign.

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Appropriation Bill 2015

Mr GARDNER (Morialta) (15:55): My voice is fading fast, so I will not detain the house for the full 20 minutes on the Appropriation Bill. I could provide you with some prepared remarks, but that would require me to write it in advance and that is against, of course, Westminster practice and procedure, as Erskine May tells us; instead, I offer just a few remarks on the Appropriation Bill ex tempore.

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